Sunday, 12 February 2012

Preface: The path to being a Saint.

We are living in the Age of Confusion, where many people find themselves lost amongst vast numbers of choices and decisions. Sometimes it is difficult to believe in the miraculous, when TV shows attempt to make the holy profane and superficial. We might think: “Are there Saints in this world? I’m not sure they even exist anymore”.

So do you feel somewhat discouraged? Do you think that you will never be a Saint? After all, you might say, I have so many faults and I do not have the qualities of a Saint. Well I’ve got news for you! Many Saints felt the same way, and some even lived terrible sinful lives before doing a 180ยบ turn into holiness. St Augustine was one of these, who had unholy parties very often before he converted. His mother prayed for 40 years that he would change, and after all this time, the fruit of her prayer was wonderful. After his death, Augustine was named a Saint, and a Doctor of the Church.

Then one might suggest Saints are people from a past era. Just consider a few of the saintly that inspire me. Like St Padre Pio (made a saint only 50 years ago); and Blessed Mother Teresa and Blessed John Paul II who are only one step away from Sainthood. We also have other Saints who were not amongst the consecrated.

The other day, even though I was aware of the stories of these amazing Saints, and even though I was aware I had improved myself very much compared with even four years ago, I felt disheartened. I said to the Lord with a sigh; “How can I become a Saint?” And He responded with the interior words and with the simple message: “Little by little”

Suddenly I felt better, and this encouragement strengthened me. Even I could become a Saint! It was possible! And what the Lord told me was that if I tried hard enough, I could become holy. I then remembered what a good priest had said to me in the confessional a while back: “Try to remove one of these faults in the next week”. The priest had told me as what did the Lord. The priest didn’t say “Try to remove all of these faults in the next week” -- he said "remove one". 

Then I remembered, in my excitement and joy, “I had not committed that sin since that last confession, and I have sinned less”. Yes, perhaps I could become Holy. Then I thought, “God you’re awesome, you’ve worked it all out so that Saints are not called Saints (with a capital S) by the obedient Church faithful during their lives, but after their death. That way they can be humble.” 

Praise the Lord!

* * * *

On closing, take heart, you don’t need to bi-locate, read hearts, be a Pope, or be globally famous to be a Saint. Of course, if God wishes, he may call you to have those gifts and means as did some Saints.

Aiming for Sainthood means living a pure, humble and honest life, and this comes through loving your neighbour. And Loving the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. However if in doubt remember God’s wisdom -- what it may take to improve your life is to do it “little by little”.


  1. Well done. I'll try to follow...

  2. Thanks for your feedback 7/10 :)
    Just remember, each one of us has the potential to be a Saint. I'd say it is our mission on earth! To love God completely! Go for it and God will always help you along the way :)